GPS Tracker For Cars

GPS Tracker For Cars

Introducing the wireless, completely plug n play GPS tracker for cars; the Tracket.

GPS Tracker For Cars
A GPS Tracker for cars – the GPYes Tracket


This device plus directly into your vehicles OBD port, which makes it the most user friendly GPS Tracking Device on the market. No knowledge of electronics or wiring experience necessary.

OBD Port Location

Your vehicles OBD port is generally found at the drivers/passengers knees, just under the dash. This OBD post is a standard feature on most cars post 1998. If you need help finding the location of your vehicles OBD port please drop us an email on the contact page

How It Works

Once the GPYes Tracket is plugged into the OBD port, it then works by obtaining its position from the many GPS satellites above, storing it, then sending it over 3G (internet) to our GPYes tracking server.

Viewing the Data

You can then log into the GPYes tracking server via the web, iOS or Android application in order to check your vehicles position. The application works on any device that has connection to the internet.
You have the ability to track your vehicles current location, playback past trips, set up geofence perimeters which alert you to when a vehicle leaves it, as well as many other features.

Pricing of the GPS Tracker For Cars Tracket

For information on pricing, check the page GPYes Tracket Pricing

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