Vehicle Tracking System – A guide on what to look for.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to a vehicle tracking system. Each system has their own pros/cons. It can be difficult deciding which option to choose, so refer to the listed points below for help when making your choice. Map Overlay A quality map overlays change the entire look and feel […]

Avalanche Protection – Is GPS viable?

Avalanche Protection & GPS. An article published by John B. Schleppe and Gérard Lachapelle . Republished from Avalance Protection abstract The following execution of a few High Sensitivity Global Positioning System (HSGPS) recipients under torrential slide stored snow was explored. Two field preliminaries were held during April 2006 in the Canadian Rocky Mountains to examine the elements […]

2g Network Shutdown – Australia shuts down 2G GPSM/GPRS towers

The 2G Network Shutdown has finally happened. What is 2G 2G (or 2-G) is short for the GSM technology. 2G cell systems were created on the Finnish GSM standard by Radiolinja (presently part of Elisa Oyj) in 1991. The advantages of 2G Three essential advantages of the 2G network over 1G was that encryption was […]