GPS Tracker Legality – The Laws In Australia

There are no Australian Federal Laws for surveillance and GPS tracker legality. However, most states have Statutes covering the use and restrictions of tracking devices; only Queensland and Tasmania do not have legislation. Both New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory have formal statutes and it’s highly likely that the rest of Australia will follow […]

How The Use of a GPS Tracking Collar is helping to save Africas Lions and Cheetahs

A GPS tracking collar is becoming very popular with livestock, pets and now big cats in Africa, and other parts of the world. The Internet of Things (IoT) presently offers complex methods of shielding untamed life: correspondence systems can cover wild places; sensors can screen creatures, people and hardware inside them in (close) constant, and […]

Fit a Bus GPS Tracker today

In the course of recent years, GPS trackers have been utilized by many industries for a variety of reasons; from rentals, taxis, tradesmen like electricians & plumbers, fleet managers and business owners. These arent the only services that can benefit from the cost reduction savings and productivity enhancements that GPS trackers have to offer. One […]

GPS and AGPS – What’s the difference?

GPS and AGPS – What they mean To begin with, the basic definitions are GPS Global Positioning System & aGPS Assisted Global Positioning System. One is assisted, one isn’t. We recommend you read about how gps works if you are unsure what GPS is. How it is assisted aGPS is assisted by the cellular network […]

GPS Tracker Sim Card – Easily activate with Amaysim

This guide will show you how to activate your Amaysim GPS Tracker Sim Card to work with the GPYes Vehicle GPS Tracker Prepare your GPS Tracker Sim Card 1.) To begin with, get your Amaysim card package ready which has the SIM Card Number (also known as ICC number). You will need this in the […]