Who are GPYes Tracking Systems

GPYes Tracking Systems is an Australian based company specializing in GPS Vehicle Trackers, as well as asset trackings.
We supply trackers with managed SIM cards, but also a Pay As You Go SIM card should you want to manage it yourself.

Twenty Years in The Game

We have over 20 years experience in the vehicle electronics industry, providing solutions for the following; Domestic, Commercial, Personal, Fleet.
We have many customers in industrial; mining, transport, construction, recreational & marine.

No company too big, no one too small.

We have many satisfied companies, as well as individual users. From 1 to 1000 we have a gps vehicle solution for you.

Why GPS Track – dont you trust your employees?

Gone are the days of company loyalty, and pride in who you work for.
Account for your employees at all time; if they’re doing the right thing, they have nothing to hide.

Trust, but verify. Take the necessary precautions to prevent getting burnt.

Reasons for using us

Our Web, Android & iPhone based tracking solution provides an unbeatable value for money solution, which many other companies don’t come close to.
Choosing GPYes Tracking Systems, you will see an immediate ROI and increase in cash flow.
Not only that, our support is Australian based and available on emails 24/7.

What SIM cards do we use?

A GPYes Tracking Systems we offer two SIM card options;
1. Worldwide SIM Card managed by us. A SIM card that works in any country
2. A PAYG GPS Tracker Sim Card on the Optus network, if you wish to manage your own plan.

GPYES Tracking Systems
Overview of GPYes Tracking Solutions map.