GPS Tracker Sim Card – Easily activate with Amaysim

GPS Tracker Sim Card

This guide will show you how to activate your Amaysim GPS Tracker Sim Card to work with the GPYes Vehicle GPS Tracker

Prepare your GPS Tracker Sim Card

1.) To begin with, get your Amaysim card package ready which has the SIM Card Number (also known as ICC number). You will need this in the next step to activate.
The below SIM card number is an example, you will need to refer to your own package for the correct SIM card number.
GPS Tracker Sim Card

Activate your SIM

2.) Visit the Amaysim SIM card activation page
You will see the 13 digit box for entering your SIM Card Number
Enter your SIM card number in the activation box

Choose the correct plan

3.) Scroll down to ‘AS YOU GO’ & select ‘Choose’.


  • 4.) Click ‘None’ > ‘Get a new number’ > Take note of your mobile number > Click ‘Your Details’
    amaysim GPS Tracker Sim Card


    Enter your details

    5.) Enter your details (First Name, Last Name, DOB, Primary contact number, Email address) > Set a password & take note of it > Enter your address > Click ‘Payment Details’

  • 6.)Review your details and ensure they are correct

    amaysim-sim-card6Choose a Payment Method

    7.) Select a Payment method. Credit/Debit card or PayPal > Agree to the ‘Terms & Conditions’ > Continue to PayPal or Credit/Debit information) depending on what you have chosen.

  • 8.) Enter your Payment information
    Option A.) If you are using PayPal
    Enter your PayPal Username/Password Combination > Click ‘Log In’. You will not be billed at this point
    amaysim payg GPS Tracker Sim Card
  • Click ‘Agree & Pay’
  • Option B.) If you are using a Credit Card/Debit Card. You will not be billed at this point.
    sim card for gps tracker
  • 9.) Click ‘My Amaysim’ to continue to your accountamaysim-sim-card11

Provide Identification to Amaysim

10.)Provide identification to Amaysim (Australian law states you must provide identification at the time of registering SIM card) > click ‘Check my ID’
Example below shows drivers licence as the form of ID.

Your ID should now be verified.

Confirm your Email Address

10.) Update your email address. Go to your email account that you signed up with & locate the email from Amaysim ‘One click to verify your email address.
11.) Open the email and confirm your email by clicking ‘I’m real and this is my email’.

After that, and if successful, you will see the below stating:

Load $10 Credit onto your GPS Tracker Sim Card

12)Within your Amaysim dashboard, click ‘Plan’ > add $10 via the drop down > click ‘Add Credit’
GPS Tracker Sim Card web gui add credit
If successful, you should see the below message:

That’s it! You now have your GPS Tracker Sim Card activated.

In conclusion, you now have $10 credit on your Amaysim GPS Tracker Sim Card with 365 days expiry.

Purchase a GPS Tracker

If you haven’t purchased one of our GPS Trackers, you can research which is the best GPS tracker type for you.

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