8 Ways GPS Trackers Can Save You Money

8 Ways GPS Trackers Can Save You Money

Overheads and Costs

If you manage your own business or businesses with a fleet of vehicles, you may be doing some research as to whether employing a GPS Tracking system is the right thing to do.

If you wish to reduce your costs and overheads, then it is highly recommended to install a system as soon as possible.

GPS Tracking systems have been known to not only pay for themselves over time, but offer a return on investment unrivaled by anything else.

A $5480 Experiment

A recent experiment by Motorola on the viability and cost savings of GPS tracking systems revealed that on average, $5480 was saved for each worker that had installed a GPS tracker.

A GPYes Tracking System will save your businesses spending in many ways; as well as promote safe driving and keeping your employees honest.

Decrease In Fuel Spending

Fuel is perhaps the greatest cost for a business with a workforce that is always on the road.

Fleet Tracking will allow you to lessen your fuel costs by taking out inefficient fuel exercises cause by poor employee driving behavior; harsh accelleration, speeding, sitting idle when it should be switched off & non work related drives.

Limit mileage by dispatching the closest vehicle to an incoming job, decrease dangerous and inefficient driving techniques, as well as the theft of fuel.

Slashed Insurance Premiums

Depending on your relationship with your insurance provider, and who they are, some will offer a reduction in yearly costs as well as premiums.

Having a GPS tracker will increase the chance of retrieval of a stolen vehicle, which insurance companies love.

It will also show that you are monitoring driver behavior, ensuring they are doing the right thing & not engaging in risky behavior.

Rid yourself of the logbooks

Logbooks and ATO reporting is tedious, employing a GPS tracking system helps you to keep records of where you & your employees have been, KM/milage driven & beginning/end trips.

Car maintenance costs reduced

Promoting better driver behavior works has a direct relationship with your vehicles servicing. Harsh driving increases wear on all parts of your vehicles engine & chassis, not to mention lowering the risk of a complete write off should the worst happen.

A safe driver is also a driver that is taking care of his vehicle.

Efficiency in driving routes

Having an eye over your entire fleet makes scheduling jobs a breeze, by picking the vehicle closest to an incoming job you can cut down on unnecessary driving from vehicles that may have been further away, increasing profitability by increasing billable hours.

Employees; Trust but Verify

GPS Trackers make your employees accountable, if they know they’re being tracked they are inclined to be doing the right thing by you.

You will be able to see if they are using their vehicle for non-company related reasons including side jobs or to help friends & family when they have not asked for permission to do so.

You can easily verify the times they have provided you with when they have arrived/left site. This particular part can be automated with gps geofencing and alerts.

No more unauthorized vehicle routes

Get a good deal on fuel and mileage by checking what course your workers use to get site to site. There might be a shorter or quicker approach to get between stops. This can likewise spare you in expenses of paying extra time to your workers, or improve productivity by permitting another stop or conveyance every day

Greater amount of Billable hours

GPS following permits you to produce precise representative time sheets and accurate invoices, which diminishes the chance of your employees putting down extra hours and customer complaints. On the off chance that unreasonable time is being taken at an assigned stop, you can be made aware of this to improve effectiveness and decrease cost over-runs.

So why do it?

With all of these potential cost savings for your business, the question is: Can you afford not to install GPS tracking?

Still unsure where to begin – see our guide on how to choose a GPS Tracking System

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