Increase revenue by reducing costs of labour

Your employees may arrive to the job site 15 minutes late, take an extended 1 hour lunch break, then leave 15 minutes early.

This adds up to 1 hour of lost time each day. However, their timesheet shows a full 8 hours of work.

Number of employees
Hourly employee rate (in $)
Charge out rate (in $)
Lost minutes daily per employee

Lower fuel costs of your fleet

Installation of a GPS tracking system reduces mileage and fuel consumption.

Your fleets costs such as fuel, oil & fluid changes, tyres and servicing will be lowered due to the reduction in non-work related vehicle use, unnecessary idling & harsh driving.

How many vehicles in your fleet?
What is the average km's that your fleet travels per day?
What is the average fuel cost per litre (in $)?
What are your vehicles average fuel enconomy?(L/100km)

Reduce the associated costs of operating your fleet

Save time planning and scheduling your vehicles maintenance, reduce insurance premiums and vehicle accidents by monitoring your employees driving.

Average service interval of your fleet in KM?
Average cost of service including parts and labour (in $)
Average cost of repair for a vehicle (in $)

Calculated GPS Tracking Return on Investment

Using the calculations below, a GPS tracking system will provide with instant return on investment, and will quickly pay for itself.

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Reduced Labour Cost dollar amount
Increased revenue dollar amount
Fuel savings dollar amount
5% reduction in service costs due to wear & tear dollar amount
20% reduction in accidents dollar amount
Total $ savings per month
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