5 GPS Tracking Device Benefits

5 GPS Tracking Device Benefits

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GPS tracking device benefits are plentiful & when owning your own business, or managing a fleet of vehicles you are always looking for ways to increase productivity, reduce costs, overheads and improve customer satisfaction.

You can do this in a variety of ways with a GPS Tracking Device. To see our top 5 benefits please read on below:

1. Reduce Customer Response Times

A faster reply to your customers is an easy way to increase repeat business, helping to strengthen relationships with your customers.

Having visibility over your fleet with an installed GPS Tracking Device means you can pick the right vehicle for an incoming job, by selecting whichever vehicle, or whomever is closest.

2. Increased accuracy in time sheets

Have you ever had an issue with a customer disputing time on a timesheet? Have you found it too hard to justify your hours, because you cant even remember them yourself?

Customers don’t like being overcharged, but when you have reports showing the hours your van was parked out the front of their house or job site, it’s hard to argue with the hours you’ve put in.

Not to mention the benefits when it comes to logging your vehicle usage hours with the tax department.

3. Reduce costly repairs

We all know that a proper service schedule increases the life and resell value of your vehicles, and improper usage of a vehicle reduces it’s life.

When you use a GPS tracking device you can monitor how long it has been in between services, so that you can stick to a proper servicing schedule.

Having that visibility over your employees and how they are driving will give incentive for good behavior driving, increasing your vehicles life by reducing wear and tear.

4. Reduce theft and loss

When you use truck trackers you will instantly know if a truck has been stolen from a yard or overnight stop and be able to alert authorities if it has been stolen and provide the location to aid in recovery.

thief benefits of a gps tracker
Don’t let him get you.

If your vehicle is stolen you can be alerted instantly by the inbuilt alarm system within your GPS vehicle tracking system. Receive an email or SMS to your phone when unwarranted usage occurs.

You can set up a gps geofence, such as a garage, or neighborhood block, and be notified when a vehicle exits.

These alerts will be sent to you instantly over the 4G network, as long as you have a 4G GPS tracker, and not one that works over the bluetooth network!

monitoring with a gps tracking device

5. Decrease the cost of insurance

Insurance companies offer reduced costs as a discount as the chance to retrieve a stolen vehicle greatly increases with a gps tracking system.

When you are running a fleet of vehicles, this saving adds up to be a worthy amount of money.

Summary of GPS Tracking Device benefits

There are many more benefits to installing a GPS tracking device within your vehicle than just the 5 listed here.

A good GPS tracking system will pay for itself tenfold.


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