Installing a GPS tracker can be as simple as plugging your device into your vehicles OBD port, to connecting it into your vehicles wiring harness with sensors.

On this page you will find gps tracker installation instructions for each type of GPS tracker; such as OBD, magnetic, battery, wired.

Install Types

There are multiple types of GPS trackers, each of which are relatively simple to install.

  • Plug and Play
    • One that can be plugged into your vehicles diagnostic OBD port.
  • Hardwired
    • Wired devices which require being connected into your vehicles wiring. Generally involves cutting your wiring, or piggybacking from the fuse holder using a special fuse.
  • Placement
    • Typically battery, magnetic or solar types which can be placed in, or on top of a vehicle or asset.

Installation Instructions

Installing a GPYes Pulse Hardwired GPS Tracker

Installing a GPYes Pulse Hardwired GPS Tracker

The GPYes Pulse tracking device is a monitoring device that connects to your vehicle through the OBDII port or via the vehicles wiring harness. The device obtains location data from GPS towers, stores it within on-board memory and then sends it to the GPYes tracking server over the mobile network. Users can then log into the GPYes Tracking Portal to view their device and other vehicle statistics. This device is can be used in many vehicles, assets and applications, as long as the host device...
Installing a Magnetic GPS Tracker

Installing a Magnetic GPS Tracker

A magnetic gps tracker is a device that allows you to GPS track a vehicle, asset or product.This device can easily be installed within, or onto a multitude of products; either by mounting it magnetically, or placing it within the product. A magnetic gps tracker is used in a variety of industries; logistics, fleet management, insurance companies, personal passenger vehicles, business owners, automotive, rental companies, dealerships and more. Installing a SIM card A GPYes GPS tracking...
Installing the GPYes Tracket OBD GPS Tracker

Installing the GPYes Tracket OBD GPS Tracker

The GPYes Tracket is a plug and play GPS Tracking device which plugs into your vehicles OBD port. This device will allow you to GPS track any vehicle, as well as monitor vehicle & driver statistics remotely. Installation is very simple and easy compared to traditional vehicle GPS monitoring devices which require wiring. This device has been used in a variety of applications; from logistics, enterprise & fleet, insurance, passenger transport, cold transport, vehicle rentals,...

Ease of Install

Rated from simple, to the most difficult, here are the brief notes surrounding installing a GPS tracker.

  • OBD Trackers
    • Plugs directly into your vehicle. No wiring
    • Difficulty: Easy
  • Battery
    • Battery, without any solar or magnetic.
    • Difficulty: Easy
  • Magnetic
    • Battery, with magnet but no solar
    • Difficulty: Easy
  • Solar
    • Battery, with magnet and solar charger.
    • Difficulty: Easy
  • Wired
    • A device that commonly requires between 9v-24v, which is what most cars & trucks provide.
    • Can add additional sensors for monitoring temperature, CANbus, ignition cut, fuel cut and more.
    • Difficulty: Intermediate.


If you want an easy device to track your vehicle, a plug and play GPS tracking device is the most suitable choice.

For those who want greater control over their vehicle, such as connecting external temperature gauges and sensors, as well as being able to cut power to their vehicle, a wired GPS tracker is a better option.