The GPYes Tracket is a plug and play GPS Tracking device which plugs into your vehicles OBD port.

This device will allow you to GPS track any vehicle, as well as monitor vehicle & driver statistics remotely.

GPYes Tracket - OBD GPS Tracker Installation Instructions

Installation is very simple and easy compared to traditional vehicle GPS monitoring devices which require wiring.

This device has been used in a variety of applications; from logistics, enterprise & fleet, insurance, passenger transport, cold transport, vehicle rentals, car dealerships and automotive manufacturers.

Table of Contents

Installing a SIM card

Whilst the device is turned off, insert your SIM card into the device in the orientation shown below. The SIM card slot is under the rubber dust flap.

Inserting the SIM card whilst the device is powered on may cause damage to the device.


Install the device into the vehicles OBD port

  1. Park the vehicle and ensure the engine is switched off.
  2. Connect the OBD extension cable to the tracking device, and on the other side plug the extension cable into the vehicles OBD port.
    If you are not using an OBD extension cable, then simply plug the device into the OBD port of the vehicle.
  3. If you are using an OBD extension, route the device up under the dashboard to a suitable position, or affix the tracker to your windshield in a position which will not obstruct your vision.
Windscreen mount option: Plug the OBD GPS tracker into the extension cable, route it to the windshield and and affix it into position.

Turn the vehicle on and wait for GPS signal lock

Once the tracker is installed into the OBD port, you can turn the vehicle on and let it idle for 1 minute, allowing the GPS tracker to obtain a lock on the GPS satellites overhead.

Without this 1 minute idle time, the tracker may not be able to report your location correctly for 2-5 minutes.

From this point forward, your tracker should obtain signal a lot quicker, as it does not have the initial task of locating itself.