Three Important Reasons for GPS Tracking

Three Important Reasons for GPS Tracking

In the past 20 years, GPS tracking technology has come a long way. Expensive proprietry GPS transmitters/receivers are no longer required to monitor drivers, assets and vehicles.

In modern times, you can use a computer, a smart phone or tablet that has is connected to the internet from anywhere in the world.

The Global Positioning System is the core of the technology we use to track & monitor vehicles, drivers, cargo, assets and even livestock. Tracking current location, speed and time to/from destination are all benefits of GPS & GPS tracking.

GPS Tracking is a must have for Fleet managers, small business & large business owners and individuals due to the benefits including but not limited to low cost, simplicity of install, reliability and availability of devices.

Some of the benefits include

1. Fleet Management & Monitoring

The use of GPS Tracking is not a new invention; the technology has been around for many years, used by small businesses and multi national corporations worlwide

What better way to keep track of hundreds, if not thousands of vehicles spread across many different locations than with a tracking application.

This technology has allowed us to move beyond the realm of pen, paper and physical maps, tediously logging starting locations, ending locations, km traveled and user details through the glorious use of automation.

2. Driver Performance and Safety

Human error, something we have put up with for many years, and will continue to do so for some time. However, when it comes to driving, the increasingly common use of automation allows us to workaround the issues human face. Tired, dangerous, drunk, and erratic driving are some of the vices.

These vices and the business costs that come with them can be mitigated with a simple, but quality GPS tracker device. Not only is it an incentive for drivers to do meet performance standards, when you are accountable for your driving actions and the effects of them, you have the incentive to behave in a certain way; whether it be through positive or negative re-reinforcement. In this case, the preferable way is safer driving with positive re-enforcement.

Not only is the risk of crashing reduced, as well as loss of equipment, both the driver, vehicle and vehicle cargo are significantly safer.

An installed tracking device implores drivers to drive in a safe and responsibly manner. Many fleet managers in Sydney, as well as worldwide opt to use this monitoring data & statistics to create loyalty systems as a way of positive re-reinforcement. Much research has been put into positive versus negative re-enforcement for behavior shaping, and positive has always won.

3. Increase in Security

Loss of load or potentially a vehicle can be a gigantic gouge in an organization’s overall revenues. The misfortunes can be something other than material things and the related expenses, there are extra issues, for example, loss of notoriety. Nobody needs to work with an untrustworthy organization.

GPS global positioning technology can screen vehicles and be customized effectively to send cautions when a vehicle is experiencing unapproved use or heading to an unapproved area.

Having these alarms set up in a proactive manner, working in real time is consistently better than acting re-actively. Reaction time is what matters here; how quickly you can respond to a potential security breach; the less harm will happen.

Spend a little to save a lot

When you use a GPS tracking system, you will always know where your fleet of vehicles are in real time.

If you have a fleet of vehicles, the use of gps trackers are a must have. This technology provides a variety of benefits to save money, increase business productivity and increase customer satisfaction.


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