Tracket – GPS OBD Tracking Device (DO)

AUD $125.00

Plugs into OBD port. No wiring necessary.
Completely Plug N Play
Works over the 4G Network
Satellite GPS Tracking
Check current speed
Check previous trips. Playback from seconds through to years
Check current location
Geozone (Set up a perimeter on the map & be alerted when the tracker leaves it)

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Tracket – GPS Tracking Device Features:

This device is perfect for business owners and fleet managers looking for greater visibility over their fleet of vehicles.

By installing this tracker you can reduce fuel consumption, increase billable hours, encourage safer driver behavior and protect your assets.

  • Suitable for the following devices with an OBD port;
  • Personal Vehicles (Cars, Trucks, Utes, SUV, Motorhome, Winnebago)
  • Light Commercial (Vans, Trucks, Company Cars)
  • Rental Vehicles
  • Heavy Duty Trucks

This easy to install GPS Tracking Device plugs into the OBD diagnostic port.
Completely Plug N Play. No wiring necessary
Works over the 4G Network
Easy to insert SIM card.
Highly accurate satellite GPS triangulation
Suitable for use in most 1996 vehicles containing an OBDII/OBD2 port.
Check previous trips. Playback from seconds through to years
Check current speed, location, trips, stops.
Unlimited GPS Geofencing Geozone.
Set up a perimeter on the map & be alerted when the tracker leaves it.
Android, iPhone & Web app Included
Customer Service Team based in Australia
Set up notifications and alarms for erratic driving such as harsh braking, sudden acceleration, device disconnection and more.

How it works


plugging obd tracking device into obd port

Locate your vehicles real time location via any device connected to the internet
Playback your vehicles previous locations with any device connected to the internet
Setting Geozones & being notified when a vehicle enters/leaves
Generate reports such as; Drive & Idle time, KM driven/mileage, maximum speed travelled & geofencing
Tracking intervals every 30 seconds, making this one of the most accurate trackers
No limit to tracking history

Live Tracking

  • Using our GPYes web portal, you will be able to track your vehicles on a computer, phone or tablet. If your device has an internet connection you can log in and check where your vehicles are.
  • Geofencing capable. Set a virtual perimeter in the software such as a factory, worksite, home or office & configure alarms to be notified when a vehicle enters/exits. Cut down on your workload with automation.
  • Reports that cover distance, time traveled, km traveled in total, if speeding has occurred and positioning alerts, such as when a vehicle has come online/gone offline.
  • Data showing tracking information is always available for playback.


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