An OBD Car Tracker is a GPS Tracking device which plugs directly into your vehicles OBD Port.

An OBD Car tracker and obd port

An OBD Car tracker has the following benefits;

Simple to install
No wiring is necessary, leave the wiring harness untouched.
Works in a wide variety of vehicles
Reporting over the 3G and 4G mobile network.


A variety of vehicles supported.
  • Vehicles containing an OBD port.
  • Personal Vehicles (Light, Medium & Heavy Vehicles,
  • 4WDs, Motorhomes, Utes)
  • Fleet Management
  • Company Vehicles
  • Commercial Vehicles


  • Completely plug and play. No wiring necessary, as you plug it directly into your vehicles OBDII port.
    OBDII is standard in most vehicles after 1996.
  • Realtime Tracking, as the vehicle is moving or stationary.
  • Built in reports & alerts
  • 3G & 4G capable, so the coverage is better.
  • Unlimited geofencing & storage.
  • View location data over the website, iphone or android. Software agnostic.


  • Quality 3G & 4G OBD car tracker
  • Power is sourced from the vehicles OBD port, so no messy wires or installation costs.
  • 3G & 4G mobile network communication
  • Access GPS tracking in real time
  • Backup battery for when mobile network goes down. Device will store location data and send to the tracking server when the connection is restored.


  • With our web portal, you can see your GPS tracker on a pc, smart phone or any device with an internet connection. Anytime, anywhere.
  • Ability to set geozones and the ability to be notified when a vehicle enters/leaves. Automate your work.
  • Trip reports that cover driving time, idling time, the total km driven, speeding and geofence entries/exits.
  • Tracking data always available.

Business uses of an OBD car tracker

  • Improved customer service
  • Improved delivery times
  • Better visibility over employees out in the field.
  • Increase in OH&S practices by monitoring drive behavior
  • Theft deterrence
  • Recovery of assets
  • Reduce unauthorized usage of vehicles


By monitoring your vehicles with an GPS OBD car tracker you can reduce business costs.

This type of tracker will help reduce fuel, insurances & down time, whilst increasing productivity.

With so many benefits that come with GPS vehicle trackers, many business owners with a fleet of vehicles are choosing to get adopt the latest in tracking technology.