A magnetic GPS Tracker is a popular solution designed for tracking assets which have no power source.

These types of GPS trackers are designed to last for up to years on a single charge. They work by locating using satellites and WiFi networks for location data, then communicating that information back to the tracking server.

The data on the tracking server can be viewed within a map using a web portal, or a mobile app.


Magnetic GPS Tracker

Magnetic tracker overview;

  • Primarily used for tracking assets
  • Strong magnets for sticking to metal
  • Can last for years on a single charge based on data upload interval
  • Integrated solar panel options are available


A magnetic GPS device is a high quality 3G/4G GPS tacker which is designed for use with assets, as well as vehicles.

Applications are as follows

  • Containers and Cargo
  • Train carriages
  • Ships and Boats
  • Freight & Logistics
  • Trailer and RV
  • Trucks, Cars & Vans


  • Simple installation without wiring.
  • Attach it to any metal surface on your asset and the magnets will do the rest.
  • No external power requirements. Can be recharged via USB
  • Battery can last for up to 3 years depending on configuration of data upload.
  • Hard IP67 up tp 1.5m waterproof casing for protection against the elements


  • 3G & 4G data comms for real time tracking
  • G-Force sensors can start tracking
  • WiFi & NAVSTAR location tracking
  • Can be configured in a variety of modes based upon requirements:
    • Time based mode (interval)
    • Distance based mode (interval)
    • Starting mode (time, distance and ignition)
    • Idle tracking mode
  • Reports:
    • Kilometres traveled
    • Power percentage level report for monitoring battery life
    • Battery level indicator in each position report
  • Geozone compatible


  • IP67 rating which means submersible in water for up to 1.5m and dust proof
  • Operating temperature spans from -40C to +80C
  • Built in 3 axis G-sensor
  • 5000mAh replaceable & rechargeable battery
  • Data buffer for logging when network fails
  • Internal mobile network & GPS antennas
  • Built-in watchdog CPU to avoid system crash
  • Built-in motion sensor to save power
  • Size 120x59x30 (mm) 
  • Weight 250grams
  • Accurate to within 5m


A magnetic GPS asset tracker is the perfect solution for your assets such as containers, trucks & trailers.

The handy magnetic & long battery life makes installation simple, giving you much needed visibility over your assets