Idling is costing you

Idling is costing you

There are times in business when being indecisive can actually cost you money. In a world with ever changing technology for business efficiency, it is not wise to ignore the capabilities of these new technologies. They may in fact help your company grow.

For those in the field-service industry that rely heavily, if not exclusively, upon a fleet of vehicles to serve their customers, there isn’t a more proactive or simpler solution to reducing operating costs, improving fleet performance, and increasing customer satisfaction than the implementation of a robust and reliable fleet management system such as GPYes. If you and your company have been on the fence about making such a decision, it’s time to realise that such indecision is actually costing you money.


Having a fleet management system allows fleet managers to provide their drivers with not only directions, but the shortest and most efficient route from one job to the next. By providing the precise location of each vehicle and tech at any given time during the day, it also allows the dispatcher to organize the closest vehicle to any emergency or job that comes through during the day. This allows for more jobs to be completed throughout the course of a day. Geoff Picker from Picker Electrical Group claims, “We’ve gained an additional $60,000 in revenue due to increased productivity without having to increase our workforce.”


It’s no secret that the biggest leakage of costs in a fleet company is wasting fuel. Whether it’s from excessive idling, speeding, taking inefficient routes from one job to another, or simply unauthorized vehicle use, these are all activities which are monitored on a minute-by-minute basis with a gps fleet management system. GPYes provides you with over 30 easy-to-read reports to accurately measure and monitor vehicle activity and allows you to actually see which of your drivers is wasting fuel. According to Ian Stirling of Ian Stirling Haulage, “The fuel savings alone have more than covered the costs of the system.”


Good customer service is not only vital to sustaining your business; it is the key to growing your business. By implementing a the best vehicle gps tracking system such as GPYes, you and your customers will know precisely when a vehicle will arrive on the job and be sure that it will have the proper equipment and technician onboard. This provides great comfort for your customers, ensures that the job will be done properly, and validates any possible service or billing discrepancies.

With vehicles being one of the most expensive assets of a business, companies can no longer afford to wait to make the decision about fleet management system. The amount of savings in fuel costs alone from reduced idling times is only the beginning.


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